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Princess Meg's Top Outlaw Star RPG Page!
Well, I finally got it started. Who knows, maybe someday my actual RPG boards will be running to? Well, I hope. Thanks for stopping by. It's going to suck kind of, at first, I know * sigh * but hopefully, I will actually get the hang of this, and make this page better. Enjoy your visit!
I will tell you this much. I am not your expert on Outlaw Star. I am learning more and more about it everyday. But, in brief, Outlaw Star is about a redneck, womenizing gun for hire, named Gene Starwind, who gets a job protecting a woman, and her " treasure " which also turns out to be a beautiful woman. Along with his kid companion, Jim Hawking, they gather together a ragtag team, and go off fighting Space Pirates, and such. The team they pick up consists of the Beautiful Melfina, Twilight Suzuki, and the cat-like woman Aisha. All of you Outlaw Star fans out there, please don't get mad at me about my all too brief summary. As I explaind, I am still learning, so bare with me. I will update, and add more details as soon as I have time. Also, if there are any spelling problems on the names, or whatever, please email me and give me the corrections.
The rules for my RPG are pretty simple. You need to fill out a members application, including all areas with stars, and email it to me. I will put an application format on my members page, so you will see all the important details you need to add. I am not picky like a lot of RPG's, and I understand the pain of busy scedules, so I do not have any guidelines to follow in the way of how many posts you do in a week. If you can only manage one post every two weeks, that's fine, but try not to pick a main character to be, if that is the case. Let me warn you, however, if you go two weeks with out a single post, I will assume you are no longer part of the RPG, and, unless you inform me otherwise, will take you off the list of members. You then can reapply, and join again if that is the case. On this note, no one may play another person's character with out that person's permission. I think these are pretty simple rules. I am open on how you use language, just try not to be to tacky, okay?
Just one last thing I want to mention, and this is kind of the unofficial rule for all RPGs, and that is, no God-playing. If you make your character all-powerful, and invincable, then you will be removed from the members page, and no longer allowed to play. Also, you can not decide another character's actions. If you kick her in the stomach, it is up to her wether she wants to fall, cry, or kick you back. This is a major pet peeve of mine. Do not break this rule!

RPG Plot
Still thinking and looking for ideas. As soon as I have a solid plot, I will post it here. Let me know of any suggestions, now, and even when I already have a plot.